#7 – Put on Your Good Gear

If “Everything’s Quality” is your health center’s disease of choice, then the, “We’ll-do-that-when-things-calm-down” phrase is likely its comorbidity.

It’s a lie we tell ourselves all the time. “Our funding just got cut this year…so maybe next year”. “We just got an increase in reimbursement…so maybe next year”. “This is the year we are going to focus on PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) recognition…so maybe next year”. “Our main focus is changing EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) this year…so maybe next year”.

The reality is that things never “calm down”. Sure, there are times when you must yield to major changes. But if you wait for a calm in the storm, you will be paralyzed in the reign of that tyrant dictator named, “The Urgent”.

eskimos-and-igloos_293990As an Alaskan family practice doctor friend of mine says, “There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad gear.”

Remove unnecessary chaos. Get organized. Do what you can to bring about order. But stop looking for that perfect “weather” in your FQHC. Start building skills to respond to the climate of an ever-changing healthcare environment and you will be well on your way to starting 2017 on the right foot.

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