If you have submitted at least one UDS for your health center, you know this struggle all too well.

You run all of your reports and then compare them to your previous year’s outcomes and notice that one of your metrics is totally different than your new numbers. You’ve had lots of events and information fill your brain since you last ran your numbers and you can’t remember if you documented this here or there of if you clicked that certain box when you ran the report.

You do remember that you had to have IT help you and they had to hit the motherboard twice, unplug and reboot, and hold their tongue just right to get it to run…but there’s no way to reproduce that sequence now.

Sound familiar?

It won’t help you much for you this year, but I have a suggestion that is guaranteed to save you hours and hours of misery next year.

Create what I call a, “Continuity Document”.

Here’s how it works: Write down all of the special things you do to get each report this year – maybe it’s a reminder of how the metric has changed slightly or documentation workflow alterations you made during the year. Then, save the document in “.xls” and PDF form so you know exactly what the final document was and you don’t need to re-type the entire thing next year. Save the documents in an easy-to-find folder on a shared drive so everyone can find them when you leave and they’re not cursing your name in January.

You can find a sample Continuity Document on my website here.

I hope you find it helpful and happy UDS-ing!

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